Alt garden centre and nursery would like to thank you and your clients for your support during the years, we had a great season due to the response from yourselves with numerous clients being directed to us. We were able to satisfy all our customer requirements and have received excellent feedback.

We continue supplying all broadleaves, thorn, native fruit trees and any required hedging for the ACRES schemes. We can also meet any farmers own personal requirements as we stock a large amount of varieties of shrubs and hedging at the garden centre. All of the above stock will be available from November however we are now taking orders and clients can plan ahead and call for a quotation now.

Delivery Nationwide

Native Hedging for ACRES Scheme

Thorn Hedging


We also supply bareroot hedging such as beech, laurel, buxus, privet, hornbeam etc…. at keen prices.

Holly Plants

Bare root can be got on request.

Blackthorn Plants

Broad Leaf Whips

This includes birch, alder, mountain rowan, sycamore, ash and bird cherry and again all other varieties can be sourced.

Native Fruit Trees

A variety praised for its shiny red skin and crisp, sweet flesh. Crops are heavy but should be thinned early to avoid a lot of small apples.


Ard Cairn Russet
Ballyvaughan Seedling
Bloody Butcher
Brown Crofton
Dick Davies
Gibbons Russet
Irish Peach

Kerry Pippin
Munster Tulip
Peche Melba
Reids Seedling
Lough Tree
Ladys Finger